Dream More

Hannah and her mom, Melissa, were featured in this quarter's Inspire magazine. Dedicated visitor's to Silverdale's storytimes, the Library has been a source of community and support since Hannah's earliest days.

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Learn More

When the Futrells moved to the area, what was item #1 on their to-do list? Get a Library card! It didn't take long for them to become regulars, either, making Port Orchard's STEM Friday and Manchester's monthly Lego Club their beloved extracurricular activities.

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Do More

Shelby Barnes may not have planned on living the Library life, but after landing an internship through the WorkSource Pathways to Success program, she discovered a talent for collaboration, learning and exploration.

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Be More

Longtime firefighter Kevin Bernt knows first-aid and life support, but starting a small business is daunting. But with the help of Librarian Peggy Branaman, he was able to build a thriving network of clients who relied on his knowledge and experience to help them save lives.

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